Additional Resources: Who and What You Need to Pursue Your Intentional Life

Resources I Trust

I want to share with you all the resources that I currently use and have used in the past to help me pursue my intentional life. The following resources are my favorites – you might have even initially seen them in a blog post. I truly hope you find them as valuable as I do!

As always, if you have a resource that you think is the best, send it my way!

Some of these links might be affiliate links. This means in the event of a sale, I could receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Growing Into Eternity.

Physical Wellness

What we put in our bodies. How we move our bodies. How our bodies function.

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman is a functional medicine practitioner who emphasizes that food is medicine and teaches about how we can heal our bodies holistically through eating real food.

Caitlin Shoemaker

One of my favorite food Youtubers. She focuses on eating whole foods and balanced meals. Vegan.

Yoga with Adrienne

My one stop shop for any at-home yoga routine I could ever want. I love how patient she is and the variety and inclusivity in her videos can’t be beat!

Social Wellness

Who we engage with. How we tell our stories.

Website devoted to helping people establish health emotional boundaries with others. Lots of information and interactive content.

Emotional Wellness

How we feel. Our affect regulation.

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist who currently advocates for mental health from a whole-body perspective. She focuses on issues from anxiety and depression to Traumatic Brain Injuries. I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers.

Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind is a nonprofit out of Australia that aims to help “young people with the integral skills they need to thrive in life” through teaching mindfulness. I love their app because, unlike Calm, Headspace, or most other popular mindfulness meditation apps, everything is both high quality and ENTIRELY free. They teach mindfulness through carefully planned modules that you can follow, but you can also just pick and choose meditations as you wish.

Financial Wellness

Our budget, or lack thereof. How we use and earn money.

Dave Ramsey

The money mogul. Ramsey provides a wealth of knowledge throughout his website, including information on budgeting, getting out of debt, and investing. I highly recommend his free and paid content – I’ve never been disappointed.

Every Dollar

The budgeting app that allows you to decide where every dollar of your income goes. This app is based on a month to month view, and has many integrated features. I’ve been using the free version since I started budgeting and will never go back.

Graham Stephan

Successful real estate agent turned personal finance Youtuber. He has quirky, sarcastic humor, but his honesty about money, investing, and saving can’t be beat.

Spiritual Wellness

Our engagement with a higher power. Our interaction with nature and existential purpose.

Intellectual Wellness

Our pursuit of higher education and brain stimulation.

3 Books with Neil Pasricha

Pasricha is a happiness researcher who started his work from his own difficulties. Today, Pasricha facilitates a podcast entitled, “3 Books”, where he talks with today’s influencers about their three favorite books of all time. Pasricha knows that reading is one of the best things humans can do to improve their lives and aims to provide that opportunity to you through recommendations.

Your local library

The best place to find books. Period. You don’t pay for them, and you can read as many as you like. Most libraries today even have e-books or audiobooks that you can download to your phone, tablet, or e-reader without even leaving your house. Search by USA zip code.

Ecological Wellness

How we interact with the community that supports us.

Gittemary Johansen

Regular Youtuber who focuses on low-waste and plastic-free living. She creates videos twice per week.