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5 Best Soda Alternatives When You Want to Quit Soda

Do you drink a Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew every day? Soda can be detrimental for our digestive system, immune systems, and overall health. Try out one of these five soda alternatives with the same sparkling flavor punch as your favorite soda to improve your health and wellness today.


Five Easy Steps to be More Present Using Mindful Eating

Have you noticed yourself on autopilot during your every day tasks, including while you eat? Mindful eating allows you to notice emotions and physical sensations as you eat and consider implications of your eating habits and choices. When you eat mindfully, you can fully digest your food – both in the physical and mental senses. Mindful eating can help you to reactivate your senses and walk through your numbness, anxiety, or complacency to the other side.


12 Holistic Ideas to Create Your Ideal Self Care Routine

Adequate self care allows us to exceed expectations in our lives. We can create our ideal self care routine by intentionally choosing holistic ideas to practice on a daily basis – JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY. I provide suggested activities and personal experience from my own routine development. Take a moment today and intentionally create your ideal routine.