30 Practical and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Adults

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30 Practical and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Last updated: December 2020

If you’re looking for great stocking stuffers for adults this time of year, look no further! This year, I’ve compiled all of my favorite stocking stuffers for Christmas that are thoughtful, inexpensive, and will allow the wellness guru in you to celebrate. Click on each one below to learn more!

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Your Must Have Stocking Stuffers for the Healthy Adult in Your Life: Click Here for 30 Great Ideas

Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

My husband and I put up our Christmas tree a week ago and have been enjoying the lights throughout the evening, along with my pine and fir essential oils diffused through the air.

Each year, we put up a tree, lights, and of course, our stockings on the mantle.

In past years, we’ve not bought stocking stuffers for each other, but it’s a tradition that my mother-in-law loves, and one that I’m sure we’ll bring back into our home.

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a few small gifts to look forward to pulling out of your stocking on Christmas morning. To be honest, some of my favorite gifts historically have been in stockings I’ve received.

You can’t go wrong with a good, intentional, thoughtful stocking stuffer, even when buying for adults!

Specifically this year, I’m attempting to be intentional with my gift giving. Thinking about things that people will not only like, but that will be sustainable, promote a whole-body wellness, and still allow for good money management on my part (AKA within my budget!). Each of these items can help you pursue wellness in whatever area you choose – physical health, financial health, ecological health, and even emotional health.

Here are some practical and useful gifts I’ve considered as stocking stuffers for Christmas this year.

Practical and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Adults

1. Reusable Stainless Steel straws

2. Silicone straws

3. Specialty chocolate

3. Canned jellies, jams, and sauces

4. Handmade ornaments

5. Essential oils

6. Superfood powders

7. Stainless steel snack containers

8. Bamboo toothbrushes

9. Natural soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars

10. Loose leaf tea

11. Stainless steel tea steeper

12. Bagged Coffee

13. Travel Pour Over

14. Travel French Press

15. Stasher silicone reusable bags

16. Dryer Balls

17. Organic Loofahs

18. Reusable mesh grocery bags

19. Silicone stretch lids for bowls

20. Dish towels

21. Vegan lip balm

22. Beeswax food wraps

23. Flavored salts

24. Flavored olive oils

25. Bullet journal

26. Journaling pens

27. Mental health journal

28. Mindfulness Meditations

30. Positive Affirmation Cards

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 30 Christmas socking stuffers for adults in your life will enjoy. Each of these items promotes a wellness living style, including a focus on sustainability, minimalism, toxin-free, and low-waste living, and promotion of mental health.

Which of these items do you love so much you’d like to get as a stocking stuffer for Christmas yourself?

For more information on creating an intentional wellness living, check out the latest from Growing Into Eternity on holistic health, personal development, self care, personal finance & mindful healthy habits.

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30 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults
Thoughtful and Intentional Stocking Stuffers for the Adults in Your Life

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