9 Self Care and Lifestyle Products I’m Loving Right Now

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9 Self Care and Lifestyle Products I’m Loving Right Now

Last updated: April 2021

I’ve worked hard the past year to perfect my self-care routines and I’m loving my current one! These nine self care and lifestyle products help me de-stress, unwind, and breathe well after a long day. Read on to learn more about what I use day in and day out.

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9 Items for Self Care I'm Loving Right Now: Self Care and Lifestyle Products

The Importance of Self Care

I’ve spoken on the importance of self care many times, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I focus on perfecting my own self care system.

This past year in particular, I’ve been able to prioritize different self care aspects and have really appreciated integrating them into my daily routine. Specifically, creating this website has been a great help to keep me focused on how I can actively engage in my own self care.

Not only does self care prevent burnout when life can be stressful, but it helps keep us grounded even if everything else is changing.

There is no way I could have gotten through 2020 without a well developed self-care plan. Anyone else?

Having a well developed self care plan often gives me the extra boost to get through a rough day, or to feel relaxed after a stressful one.

Hey, it also helps me feel productive, even if I haven’t done anything else. When I do my self care routine, I can still check one thing off of my to-do list!

While it’s not necessary to immediately have the perfect routine or products, I’m sure you’ll find as I do that things gradually will fall into place as part of your self care set up.

For example, I identified that one of my goals was to get more sustainable and environmentally friendly makeup to use. While I haven’t found every product that I love, I have found some that bring me joy and help to perfect my routine.

As I’ve focused on developing the perfect routine for me, I’ve found some great products that I enjoy using and would continue to buy.

Find and Use the Tools You Love

Finding these great self care products really is key.

Sometimes having the right tool for the self care job can make it that much easier to stick to your plans and meet your long term goals.

Without the right ingredients, it’s hard to bake a yummy cake.

The following self care and lifestyle products are items that have helped me “bake a yummy cake” time and time again. They’re ones that I’m really loving right now.

In the future, I might find some extra special self care items, but for now, these are helping me reach my wellness goals.

Some of these items do have referral links – these items are clearly marked with the discount you receive by using them. But most of these links just go directly to the product’s website. That’s right – I love these items so much, and on most of them, I’m not even receiving anything if you do too!

Physical Wellness

Gaiam Yoga Mat

I’ve started doing yoga every. single. day.

I wouldn’t be able to prioritize my physical health and wellness without my yoga mat – and I love the Gaiam brand in particular.

Doing yoga allows me to exercise even when it’s cold or wet outside. And I can incorporate my physical therapy exercises into my yoga routine.

I really like my Gaiam yoga mat specifically because it’s double sided, easy to roll and unroll, and cleans with just a wipe down.

Also, it was only about $10 at my local TJ Maxx store! Such a great deal.

Before I started using this mat, I used a runner we already had in our hallway. My yoga mat has just enough padding, and it’s the right texture to support my hands and knees.

TeaForte Mug

This one is a more recent arrival to my self care and lifestyle routine as it was a birthday gift this year from my mother-in-law. I love drinking tea in the morning because it’s relaxing to have something warm, but it doesn’t affect my digestive system or sleep in the way that coffee has recently.

The TeaForte Mug has been the best addition to my morning routine. Not only does it have a super cute design, but it holds 12 oz of tea, coffee, or whatever drink you like.

I’ve been looking for an all-in-one tea steeper mug, but haven’t found one I like until this one.

I drink tea most days, and have recently gotten into drinking loose leaf teas due to the more pronounced flavors, but it’s such a pain when the tea leaves either don’t steep because the strainer is too fine, or the leaves slip into my mug because the strainer is too wide.

The TeaForte Mug has literally the perfect steeper in it. AND it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. So if my tea gets cold, I can heat it right back up and I don’t have to hand wash every time.

This mug makes my morning cup of tea so easy and simply.

Harney and Sons Tea

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve recently begun to drink loose leaf teas more often.

Loose leaf teas take my morning tea routine up a notch and almost feel indulgent.

The aroma is full and strong when you open the metal tin – much more than a single package tea bag.

My favorite brand to get both loose leaf and tea bags is Harney and Sons. I’ve ordered from them several times and have always had a great experience.

They have great prices, provide environmentally friendly packaging, and have some stinking good teas. Also, you can get most teas in loose leaf, sachets, or tea bags!

Right now, my favorites are Victorian London Fog (black tea with vanilla, lavender, and bergamot), White Peach Matcha (green tea with peach pieces), and Paris (black and oolong teas with black currant, vanilla, bergamot, and caramel). Each one is decadent! And with a splash of a milk of your choosing, you can have a really great latte.

You can get $5 off your first Harney and Sons purchase. Let me know what tea flavors you choose!

Body Care


Alright, this one is a new one to my self-care arsenal. Stick with me here.

A TempDrop is a device that measures your skin temperature throughout the night.

Why is this important, you might ask? Let’s talk.

Recently, I switched to using a Fertility Awareness Method of birth control. Currently, I’ve been using TCOYF, but have also considered using Sensiplan due to it’s efficacy research.

I switched because I was having difficult side effects that I thought might be from using hormonal birth control. Rather than suppressing your menstrual cycle as hormonal birth control does, using a Fertility Awareness Method helps you better learn how your body works so that you can avoid pregnancy (or not, if that’s your thing).

One of the main fertility markers is basal body temperature. In short, as your basal body temperature changes, you can identify when you are fertile and when you aren’t. However, if you have long cycles, hormonal imbalances, or tricky sleep schedules, basal body temperature using a regular thermometer can be difficult to track and understand.

THAT’s where the wonder of the TempDrop comes in. Instead of measuring basal body temperature, it measures skin temps for three hours or more while you sleep. These measurements have shown to be the equivalent of your first morning temps.

All I have to do each night is put the thermometer on my arm and go to sleep – just as easy as remembering to take a pill. And none of the unfun side effects that come with hormonal birth control.

I love my TempDrop because it helps me be more confident in my choices and helps me to know how my body works. I’m in control of my fertility.

I’d love to talk with you further if this is a decision you’re considering too. Also, you can get 10% off your TempDrop purchase of the Confidence or Freedom packages with my link!

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Burt’s Bees Mascara

Early in 2020, I decided that I wanted to make more sustainable and nontoxic makeup choices.

I believe that what I put on my body every day contributes to my overall health. My makeup matters.

While I haven’t found a perfect foundation, eye shadow, or blush yet, I have found a holy grail mascara.

The Burts Bees Nourishing Mascara in classic black highlights my eyelashes well and is touted as a %100 natural formula. I love that it’s made with jojoba oil and it smells pleasant – like honey!

For best results, I’ve found putting it on my upper lashes while moving the wand left to right gives the best volume and lengthening power, while avoiding dark flecks under my eyes.

If you have some holy grail natural makeup products, let me know! This mascara is the bomb, but I’m still looking for other makeup products to finish my face!

Emotional Wellness

Essential Oil Diffuser

I LOVE my essential oil diffusers. I have one in my bedroom and one in my office at work. I’m not particular about any diffuser, so I’m not going to link one, as every diffuser I’ve tried has been satisfactory.

What is really great about diffusing essential oils is how relaxing some of the smells can be!

When I use the diffuser as part of my self care routine, I turn it on at night when I’m getting ready for bed and leave it on as I fall asleep. Mine turns off automatically when it runs out of water, which is a super handy feature for how I use it.

Scent is the one of the five senses that brings back the strongest memories. So if you love baking cookies with grandma, diffuse some vanilla essential oil this evening to get in a relaxing, nostalgic mood. Some of my favorites are lavender, peppermint, and sage.

Salt Lamp

I got my salt lamp off of Amazon for a good price. It’s a little bit larger than the size of my hand, and I keep it next to my essential oil diffuser.

I know that many people claim the salt lamp has a lot of good properties, including detoxifying the air. I don’t know if I believe many of these claims, but I do know that I find using my salt lamp relaxing.

I have it connected with my Alexa, so it turns on every evening and morning and provides a soothing, warm light to fall asleep to, and to wake up to. Rather than jarring my eyes when I get up in the morning or go to bed at night, it creates such a calming mood.

Like the essential oil diffuser, I don’t have a specific one that I recommend because they all seem to be about the same, but to purchase mine, I simply did some research on Amazon.

Ecological Wellness

Cross Pen

A while ago, my dad got me a Cross brand pen for Christmas.

This brand is sentimental to me because my dad has used their ballpoint and mechanical pencil for years – longer than I’ve been alive. So the brand reminds me of him.

But what I like most about using my pen is that it’s refillable. Instead of buying multiple packages of pens and contributing to increased waste, I have one pen and buy refills for it now and then.

Using a reusable pen like the Cross brand promotes ecological wellness, but you also just feel a little bit fancier when you use one.

I like how heavy it is, and how professional it looks. I pretty much use this pen for everything now; it goes with me to work, at home, and at church. To me, using a nice pen is similar to putting on a special necklace or a pair of heels – you just feel more confident when you do.

Silicone Straws

One of my goals each day is to drink at least 36 ounces of water. Now, I know to most people that’s not enough, but I struggle to drink at work due to wearing a mask most of the day right now.

So I’m currently working my way back up to my 64oz per day goal.

One way that I’ve found that gets me to drink more water is using a straw! I take my silicone straws to work in a bottle, but mostly use them at home in a normal glass.

The silicone straws are flexible, so they can fit in basically any drinkware, and mine came with a handy cleaning apparatus.

Instead of using plastic straws, I can bring my own and have it handy for whenever I need to drink a little bit more water. Bonus: They also work well with smoothies and milkshakes.

These are some of my favorite self care and lifestyle products recently. I wouldn’t know what to do without many of them. What items have you been loving recently that help you reach your self care goals?

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9 Items for Self Care I'm Loving Right Now: Healthy Lifestyle Products
Self Care and Lifestyle: 9 Items You Need to Live Your Best Life

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