Ecological Wellness

How to Get Delicious & Nutrient Dense Foods for Every Budget

Eating good food is one of the first steps we should take in resolving any physical or mental ailments – without nutrient-dense food, our bodies simply won’t work properly. But, sometimes it’s hard to buy the best food when you’re on a budget. Take a look at the tips below to prioritize your mental health, physical health, and honor your wallet.


Ultimate Holistic Health Guide for Beginners: Why You Need More

Holistic health considers the whole person proactively, rather than treating symptoms after they’ve appeared. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with the way your health regimen has been approached, consider the holistic model and take charge of your wellness today.


Survive Thanksgiving: How to Maintain Your Sanity This Year

Was Thanksgiving last year difficult? Do you anticipate that this year will be hard to get through? Consider how to survive Thanksgiving by choosing to control yourself rather than other people or things. We can’t tell the future or decide how people should interact. The most we can do is be present and focus on our own thoughts and behaviors. And that’s enough.