Until now, you’ve just been floating along in life.

You’ve heard about wellness and you are just getting started. You know that wellness is a journey where progress is the goal, not perfection. You want to learn more about steps you can take to improve your health. The Becoming Intentional Wellness packet is available for FREE to anyone who needs a jump in the right direction. It can help you understand more about what wellness means to you.

With the Becoming Intentional Wellness packet, you can take actionable measures to further your wellness journey by assessing your own wellness values, creating goals that are in-line with these values, mindfully monitoring your progress, and considering with curiosity behavioral changes you might make in the future.

Life is sink or swim.

The Becoming Intentional Wellness packet is great for anyone just now learning about wellness and wanting to discover more. It’s also perfect for those who have a lot of health knowledge, but don’t know where to use this knowledge or how to get started using it to improve their lives.

Does this sound like you? Until now, you’ve likely assumed there was no way to actually make changes in your life that matter. Let me tell you – you’re wrong.

Instead, choose to be intentional! Empower yourself. Make a purposeful choice to improve your health today using the Becoming Intentional Wellness packet.

Don’t keep floating or sinking. Choose to swim.

Receive Your FREE Packet to Become Intentional in Your Wellness

Included are four printable worksheets that spark internal conversation. Interact with each sheet honestly for best results. Use the four printable worksheets again and again. As your values and goals develop, print yourself another copy.

Becoming Intentional Packet includes the priorities assessment, Habit Tracker, Goal Setting Worksheet, and Progress Assessment

With the Becoming Intentional Wellness packet you can:

  • Discover your wellness values using the Priorities Assessment worksheet.
  • Create personalized wellness goals using the Goal Creation checklist.
  • Track your new habit progress using the Habit Tracker worksheet.
  • Assess your wellness journey successes using the Progress Assessment form.

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