The Intentional Life: Self Care, Sustainability, and Mindfully Health Habits contribute to Holistic Personal Development

Hi there! I’m Caroline! I’m passionate about the pursuit of intentional living. Journey with me as we use self care, sustainability, & mindfully healthy habits to develop holistic wellness. By day, I serve as a professional in the mental health community. By night, I drink kombucha, practice yoga, and enjoy camp fires with my husband.

My Wellness Origins

I became interested in the concept of wellness at the start of my formal career in helping others through experimental research and counseling application.

Wellness is the pursuit of potential

At this time, I was considering what role I wanted to fulfill in life. I found that I believed in more than just the medical model. It fixes symptoms instead of systems, and alters ailments instead of lifestyles.

As a result of my dissatisfaction in the prevalent medical model, I began exploring other options for my concerns and for the concerns of others. I knew pushing pills wasn’t going to help anybody.

What I found was astonishing. There is a community of researchers, PhDs, authors, and community leaders who have been searching for holistic (that’s whole body) treatments for years! And they work!

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Wellness is the pursuit of potential

These holistic treatments are not only to help the individual overcome whatever ailment they’re experiencing, but also to help the individual become healthier overall.

This holistic model teaches that health is more than just an absence of symptoms!

Rather than treating the top-level symptom, the holistic mindset for healing looks at the root cause. It assumes that the body will heal when given the right experience and resources.

Health is a whole body experience that encompasses both mind and body. Nature and nurture. The self and the other. Health from a holistic mindset looks at every piece as belonging to the human puzzle rather than treating each symptom individually.

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With the holistic mindset, we can have beautifully functioning individuals, communities, and the world. The holistic model heals and grows.

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My Pursuit of Potential

Therefore, I believe that health is understood through the whole-person experience. This whole person mindset can be understood through the concept of wellness.

Wellness includes at least seven categories.

Wellness is the pursuit of potential

All aspects of wellness are necessary for full health. I’ve learned the practice of cultivating each of these, and seen how each category affects another.

However, health is a life-long journey. Perfect health is an impossible goal. However, the concept of wellness allows us to pursue potential throughout our lifespans.

Progress is the goal, not perfection. 

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My mission is to help YOU develop and improve your life through learning more about the various aspects of wellness and application of the concepts today. We can learn and grow through small changes today that will make a larger impact tomorrow.

Through the pursuit of wellness, we can pursue our full potential.

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